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Whether you’ve owned a business for years or you’re an entrepreneur just getting off the ground, we’ve been in your shoes. Mr. Andrew owned a dietary supplement and health food store chain that had to deal with business development, management and regulatory compliance issues and he knows the importance of obtaining reliable legal assistance to help make smart decisions. Having graduated law school in 2009, he has been practicing law for over 6 years in Idaho, and at The Phoinix Law Firm, PLLC, in Boise since 2016. Since coming to Idaho, he has been helping Idaho business owners take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges to be more successful.

Offering sound strategic advice on business formation

Idaho law allows you to organize your business as any one of a variety of entities, such as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation (S-Corp, C-Corp), family limited partnership (FLP) or sole proprietorship. As your attorneys, we will help you analyze the important considerations involved in making this choice, including but not limited to:

  • The tax ramifications for you and the business
  • Your personal liability exposure under each business type
  • Licensing, regulatory and compliance requirements for your type of business
  • The relative advantages of leasing, buying or building a facility
  • The various methods to be explored in financing the company

Since every business is unique, we spend all the time needed to gain a full understanding of your particular needs and concerns and to help you devise a plan of action best suited to achieve your goals.

Drafting and enforcing contracts and other essential documents

We advise business owners in contractual drafting and negotiations, making sure that their interests are fully protected and that contracts are both enforceable and flexible so as to best serve performance objectives. These include organic documents such as shareholder and partnership agreements, joint ventures, security agreements, employment contracts and real estate sales or leasing documents. If you believe your contractual rights have been infringed or you are accused by someone else of breaching a contract, rely on our experience to protect your interests. We have litigated breach of contract cases in courts throughout the state.

Dealing with change-of-control scenarios, including business successions

With our extensive real-world business experience and corporate law experience, we can help you plan for and manage any complex transaction, including a potential change of ownership or control. We represent clients on either side of mergers and acquisitions and have experience in both friendly and hostile takeovers, tender offers and auctions. Related scenarios such as divestitures and spin-offs are also well within our skill set.

If your business has more than one owner, we can help you create a solid buy/sell agreement to spell out what happens if a co-owner dies or leaves the business for some other reason. A proper buy/sell agreement, created early on, can avoid turmoil and reduce litigation expenses when a business dissolves.

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