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Jeremy Andrew is our firm’s go to attorney for dietary supplement industry needs.

In his prior career as owner and vice president of a small chain of health food stores, Jeremy recognized the industry’s need for practical legal advice on issues like FDA and FTC compliance. His education in biochemistry and biology, coupled with first-hand industry background, put him in a unique position to counsel CEOs, compliance officers and other leaders in dietary supplement manufacturing and health food industries. He is available to consult or serve as general counsel for clients in these industries. His combination of legal expertise and profound understanding of industry-specific challenges ensures seamless and timely execution of each and every transaction, regardless of its complexity. This nexus of concrete legal experience and a business-oriented approach enables us to handle the most complex and novel cases our clients may face.

Jeremy’s education allowed him to work closely with clients as a nutritional consultant, knowing the physiology of how dietary supplements would affect the people whom he served. After several years, he got out of the business side of the dietary supplement industry to become an attorney who could successfully assist executives in the industry, by ensuring they follow US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for the supplements they manufacture. Since graduating law school in January 2009, his focus has been in business and corporate law to that end.

Jeremy is truly a one-of-a kind lawyer in the dietary supplement industry side of things. No other lawyer that he knows of has the practical, hands on industry-specific business experience, combined with the scientific education and legal acumen for handling such matters that face manufacturers of dietary supplements in today’s ever evolving and quickly changing regulatory world. Most attorneys wouldn’t even know what a form 483 letter from the FDA is, let alone how to help a client deal with it. He is positioned to be of great benefit as either general counsel to or legal consultant on a specific case-by-case basis to those who are navigating the heavily self-regulated dietary supplement industry, with the knowledge and ability to forecast potential pitfalls for such clients.

If you have a legal matter or question involving dietary supplement law, the FDA/FTC Law, or are faced with an FDA Warning Letter or possible supplement recall, you need experienced counsel, honest, real answers and prompt assistance.  Call the dietary supplement lawyers at The Phoinix Law Firm, PLLC, at 208-366-4425 today to discuss how we can help in all aspects of dietary supplement law you are facing. You may also contact us online.

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